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ColPac is THE solution
for cost savings in the transport and storage of empty containers

    ColPac Collapsible Containers BV

                  Duitlaan 13 
                  5237 NB 's-Hertogenbosch 
                  The Netherlands 
    Telephone     +31(0)619 057078
                          +31(0)653 920069







ColPac is your answer for the transportation of goods in a flexible, durable and safe way.

ColPac Collapsible Containers is based in Eindhoven and has a wide range of foldable storage options. The ColPac foldable containers are an innovation in the field of storage, transport and logistics and provide storage solutions for both the business market as well as the consumer market.

The unique flexible ColPac boxes provide durable, easy and safe storage and / or transportation for all kinds of goods. From the smallest box of 1 m3 to the large box of 15 m3. For all types of goods there is an appropriate storage system. ColPac containers are foldable, stable and user friendly. Moreover, the storage units are 100% weather resistant and they protect the contents from damage and transportation.

The Colpac Mission:

“Design & Develop and Sell collapsible solutions for large sized shipping/storage units used in Air-, Road-, Rail- and Water- transport and inside & outside warehousing”

Your Benefits:

- Reduction of the Logistic costs with at least 25%
- Pay-back period less than one year
- Reduction of CO2 emission
- More than 25 benefits to be made financial benefits
 The development of the products
 is also made possible by a  contribution from the European
 Regional Development Fund within
 the framework of OP-Zuid.